Let's transcend to a sanctuary where the echoes of violence no longer consume us.
Where you and I, can live in harmony.
So peaceful as beautiful as love descends.
You were your own God and I, an embodiment of Hell itself.
Did you mean it, when you said, you had no love in your heart?
Internally, I ached. Do I simply stand by this signal of unrequited love?
Our years together have told me you are not so easily swayed in the grip of
love's embrace.
You were never the head-over-heels type.
I, a hopeless romantic. Only sought for a chance.
Something as beautiful as love with you.
- instead of the violence of your DARK GOD HEART.
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

These dark days.
when only the darkness raises itself to relinquish all light.
It prolongs its claws all over me.
It's an attempt to scratch and consume me.
It's powerful in the way the tongue speaks.
And evermore when it attempts to lure me astray.
It's strong, however . . .
I do not let it erase me.
I do not let it erase me.
I'm stubborn and resilient.
It'll take more for the darkness to vanquish me completely.
I am the bane.
An enemy to the darkness.
for all eternity.
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

Let it die, let it die,
just let me keep this favorite root of mine.
A piece of fragment dime.
A piece of soul divine.
A piece of remnants time.
. . . Just let me keep this favorite root of mine.

݁₊ ⊹